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Prevent Heartworm Disease in Your Dog or Cat!

Canine Heartworm Prevention Special

Heartworm disease is potentially fatal in dogs. It is acquired when mosquitoes carrying the young stage of the heartworm organism bite and inject the larvae into the dog’s bloodstream. Once in the dog, the larvae eventually implant in the blood vessels of the lungs and heart and develop into adult worms. If left untreated, the subsequent inflammation and clogging of the vessels and heart chambers can make the dog ill and can eventually lead to death. Treatment for this disease is possible, but prevention is preferred. We will recommend heartworm prevention medications based on your dog's life style.

  • Revolution for DogsRevolution — This topical medication prevents the mosquito-borne heartworm disease, fleas, ear mites, and other harmful parasites. Each application provides coverage for one month and should be used year round. We often use Revolution in conjunction with Scalibor tick collars. Buy 6 doses of Revolution, get 2 doses free - or - buy 9 doses, get 3 doses free. In addition, you will receive a free Scalibor collar which helps protect against ticks.

Feline Heartworm Prevention Special

It’s important for pet owners to realize that cats are also at risk of heartworm. The disease is potentially more dangerous in cats because it only takes a couple of adult worms to lead to a serious illness. Heartworm in cats is unique in comparison with dogs. There is no safe and effective treatment for heartworm in cats, but there is an affordable, safe, and easy way to prevent it. We recommend using the following: